CVA Stands
Rot AID 200
Laser and precision bending
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The best mechanical constructions for 50 years
The best mechanical constructions for 50 years
Laser and precision bending

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the best mechanical constructions for 50 years

Few numbers, but very clear, identify the strength of TIV mechanical constructions: 1968, 1998, 2004 and 2020.

1968 the date of foundation
1998 generational passage
2004 the area of production facilities reaches 2500 square meters
2020 acquisition of a new 3,300 sq m warehouse

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Stands CVA

The CVA stands have been designed to meet the needs of tooling, especially in the construction of molds…

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The construction and equipment of ROT-AID 300 have been treated to the smallest detail. Everything has been conceived…

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The pieces can be loaded onto the cradle of the Rot-aid 200 either from above or laterally through ropes or magnets or hooks…

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Laser cut

Accuracy to one hundredth of a millimeter What kind of processing can be done with the laser? The laser is used for many industrial processes, in particular the cutting with […]

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Drawing and 3D

We design and implement your ideas Production department Work closely with our design department, we create and design the project in 3 dimensions before realizing it, to make you understand […]

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Tig & Mig welding

The welding department of Tiv Srl uses multiple Tig-Mig welding stations , with hoists and vacuum cleaners. We weld all the following materials: Iron S235JR Stainless steel AISI 304 AISI […]

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Materials and mechanical constructions

The types of material that are used are: Stainless Steel (AISI), Aluminum and Iron…

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Carpentry and Welding

The carpentry relies on qualified personnel and equipment for the construction of any particular design…

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Sheet Metal, Laser and Bending

The sheet metal processing department has the following machines: Laser 4000 x 2000 working area; Automatic punching machine with 40 punches…

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TIG and MIG welding operations

Characteristic of this welding technique is the conformation of the so-called “coin” bead: this has a shape that appears to be made up of many coins side by side and […]

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ROT-AID 300 – Machinery for rotating metal blocks

The loading of the pieces on the cradle of the Rot-aid 300 can take place both from above and from the side through ropes or magnets or hooks; sideways through […]

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Sheet metal laser cutting

Laser cutting allows you to customize products from other processes with details such as holes and cuts, both for artistic and design needs as well as for functional needs. The […]

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