the best mechanical constructions for 50 years

Few numbers, but very clear, identify the strength of TIV mechanical constructions: 1968, 1998 and 2003.

1968, the date of foundation
It is Giovanni Bergamo who gave birth to it as a small family-owned company, where molds for sheet metal working were produced.

1998, generational passage
His son Maurizio, who has developed the skills and technologies that still distinguish the company and who has imposed new processing standards, takes over management and ownership.

2004, the area of the owned production facilities reaches 2500 square meters
In 2003 the company underwent further changes becoming a joint-stock company.
Thus it was born T.I.V., with the inclusion of a member and the transfer of all the staff and equipment in a single factory of 1500 square meters, divided into two departments: one for the processing of sheet metal, where the laser cutting is done, fold and punching; the second for medium-light carpentry and assembly operations.
In 2004 a further 1000 square meter factory was acquired, also divided into two sections: 500 square meters for the assembly of machinery and 500 square meters for the warehouse.

2020, acquisition of a new 3,300 m2 warehouse

2022, 50 years of activity


“TIV srl has developed over the years, with the company mantra focusing on absolute quality, safety and ease of use of its products. With our products, we give security to your movements.”

Maurizio Bergamo, holder