ROT-AID 300 – Machinery for rotating metal blocks

The loading of the pieces on the cradle of the Rot-aid 300 can take place both from above and from the side through ropes or magnets or hooks; sideways through forklift.
The particular blade structure of the piece-holder cradle also allows to accommodate bodies with protrusions.
The blades of the workpiece holder cradle can be translated in order to make room for particular protrusions or shape of the bodies to be rotated.
The construction and equipment of ROT-AID 300 have been taken care of down to the smallest detail.
Everything has been designed and tested to ensure safety and comfort of use.

Dimensions of the block to be handled: 1500X1500 mm

Dimensions of the machine

– length: 2505 mm
– width: 2230 mm
– height: 2261 mm

Dimensions of the cradle: 1500x1500x1310 mm
Adjustable position of the blades of the workpiece holder cradle