ROT AID 300 – Security for your movements

Dimensions of the block to be moved: 1500X1500 mm

Dimensions of the machine
– lenght: 2505 mm
– width: 2230 mm
– height: 2261 mm

Dimensions of the crib: 1500x1500x1310 mm
Adjustable position of the cradle-holder blades

Engine: three phase 5,5 KW

Cradle rotation times from horizontal to vertical and vice versa for a maximum load of 28 tons
– Slow: 55 about seconds
– Fast: 35 about seconds

The noise of the moving machine is about 60 decibels.

The machine is equipped with two-handed movable keyboard and a security system with anti-crushing photocells along the perimeter of the same (it is recommended to outline on the floor an area of limitation of the passage where the machine will be positioned)

Total weight of the machine: about 48 quintals

– RAL 7016 OPACO structure
– RAL 7035 OPACO cradle
Possibility of custom colors.

The machine is complete with manuals and CE certifications

Total guarantee on all components: 12 months

Any accessories: nr 2 perforated plates

Total weight of perforated plates: about 20 quintals

Delivery times: three months from receipt of order

The testing, the installation and use course of the Rot-Aid 200 will be performed at our headquarters in Dosson di Casier (TV), for a total duration of about 6 hours.