Laser cutting on sheet metal

TIV srl specializes in laser cutting and offers laser cutting services for a wide range of materials and applications.

Laser cutting on sheet metal is an advanced technology that revolutionizes the production process of metal components. This methodology is based on the use of a powerful focused laser beam to obtain precise and detailed cuts on sheet metal.

Laser cutting offers numerous advantages, including notable precision, the ability to create complex shapes and the ability to work with a variety of materials metallic. The flexibility of this technology allows for the efficient production of customized, detailed parts while reducing material waste.

Thanks to the speed of the process and the reduced need for subsequent finishing, laser cutting on sheet metal often results in faster and cheaper production than traditional methods. Furthermore, the precision of the cutting helps to guarantee the constant quality of the components produced.

This technology is widely used in industries such as automotive, electronics and industrial component manufacturing, where precision and efficiency are essential.